Kangaroo Burgers with a Beetroot, Orange and Tarragon Relish

Your next BBQ is about to get a little weird, but whole lot tasty, with these Kangaroo burgers topped with sweet and tangy relish of beetroot, orange and tarragon.


For the Burgers


For the Beetroot Relish


To serve:


To make the burgers:

  1. Place all the burger ingredients into a large bowl and massage together with your hands until combined. The mixture should be wet but should hold together if shaped into a patty, add a little more bread crumbs if it is still too wet.
  2. Divide the burger mixture into four, and shape into burger patties and place in the fridge for at least twenty minutes, but an hour is preferred.
  3. Cook the burgers via your preferred method, such as in a pan on your stove at medium high heat, for about 3 to 5 minutes on each side – or on your BBQ. Serve immediately.


For the Beetroot Relish

  1. In a pan, over medium heat, cook the onion in the olive oil for five or so minutes until soft and translucent. Add the garlic and cook for another thirty seconds or until fragrant. Add the remaining ingredients to the pan and stir until combined. Bring to the boil.
  2. Reduce to a steady simmer and cook for a further fifteen to twenty minutes (it may take up to thirty depending on how steady your simmer is) until most of the liquid in the pan has reduced. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Transfer to a steralised jar and store in the fridge until needed.


  1. I highly recommend working with fresh beetroot as if it was a bio-hazardous material otherwise you will quickly find your hands, work benches, plates and knives and anything else the beetroot comes into contact with stained a deep shade of purple. So make sure you at least wear gloves on your hands (I learnt this the hard way). I also covered my chopping board in plastic wrap.
  2. The choice of wine is completely up to you but is also optional, I just like the flavour it brings out in the relish. As an alternative you can swap the wine for vegetable stock, or even just water.
  3. Again, I used muscovado sugar for it’s flavour and, when it comes to sugar, I prefer to use the most unprocessed forms as I can. You can use any sugar/ sugar alternative you like although, if you are using white sugar, I would cut the amount down by half, otherwise the relish will become too sweet.
  4. The relish can be stored in a sterilised, air tight container, in your refrigerator for up to three months
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