Carrot Slaw with Feta, Mint & Pistachios

Loaded with feta, pistachios and mint, and drenched in a tahini-harissa dressing, this carrot slaw is the perfect accompaniment for all your summertime meals. I love mayonnaise. Like, really love it. To the point where I worry about how much I love it and how much I use it: Sandwiches, on goes the mayo; a plate of fries, slather on that mayo; Sausages, bring on the mayo; a good old Aussie meat pie, pass the mayo already! I always have a pot of mayo in the fridge (usually homemade) ready to go when the occasion calls for it which, as you can imagine, is most of the time. I think I need help. And if there is ever a time when Mayonnaise is needed more than any other time then it is for a huge bowl of coleslaw (and potato salad, but that’s another story). For me there is nothing more satisfying the delving in to a huge bowl of shredded cabbage and carrot all brought together by oodles of mayonnaise -0 somehow the presence of loads of veggie goodness balances out the not so health-conscious mayonnaise. So as you can imagineq the thought of having a coleslaw style recipe WITHOUT mayonnaise is a little foreign to me. I wanted to make a Tunisian style salad because I had a jar of homemade Harissa sitting in my fridge since I made this Sun-dried tomato and harissa hummus a few weeks ago. And carrots and harissa just seem to be the perfect little salad combo. Feta, chopped parsley, mint came naturally to the recipe (because feta and carrot are also just meant to be together) but I had trouble with the dressing. I immediately headed to the fridge to grab the mayonnaise, to make a Harissa spiked aioli kinda situation, but a carrot slaw drenched in mayonnaise didn’t really say “healthy(ish) North African-inspired salad” recipe. It said quite the opposite. So, with a little apprehension, I decdied to make a dressing out of nothing more than harissa, tahini and a little olive oil. I tossed the salad ingridients together and poured over the dressing. And you know what? It worked. This carrot slaw was delicious. I actually survived a coleslaw eating adventure without the jar of mayonnaise. I think I’m making progress! So there really isn’t much else to say about this carrot slaw. It’s nothing more than a quick and simple act of throwing together shredded carrot (I was lazy and bought a bag of pre-shredded carrot and this brought the prep time of the salad down to about 5 minutes), feta, pistachios, mint and parsley together in a bowl and then pouring over the dressing. Toss and serve. It’s almost too easy. But before I go, a quick tip. To really contrast the flavours of the carrot and the mint, you want to pick out a really tangy and sharp feta. Not the smooth, cream-cheese-like stuff that has very little flavour. Anyway, until next time foodies! James

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Loaded with feta, and pistachios, and drenched in a tahini-harissa dressing, this carrot slaw is the perfect accompaniment for all your summertime meals.


For the Salad:

For the Dressing:


  1. Toss together all the salad ingredients together in a large bowl until well combined.
  2. Whisk together the dressing ingredients and pour over the salad just prior to serving.
  3. Salad can be stored in the fridge (without dressing) for up to five days.
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